Product Laboratory

This is where the tools and resources created by the INTERLACE project will be made available for testing and feedback.

The Product Lab is part of the INTERLACE “agile workflow" process, the goal of which is to ensure that the project's activities and products are relevant to stakeholders and fit for purpose.

Being "agile" means working in short cycles, which allows for early feedback to rapidly learn and deliver improvements in complex, unpredictable environments - like those found in cities.

Agile workflow is all about:

  • Being open-minded to change
  • Being user-focused
  • Understanding shared goals
  • Creating transparency
  • Collaborating and communicating
  • Experimenting

What this means for you is an opportunity to get involved in every stage of the product development process - from conceptualisation and planning, to prototyping, testing, making improvements and evaluating success.

Do you have an idea for restoring nature in cities? Are you looking for like-minded partners to help turn your idea into reality? Then now is your chance to make that happen. Contact the project team for information on how you can get involved.

The Product Lab is currently in development and will be launched during 2021. Join the Hub to receive progress updates and be amongst the first to access the Lab once it goes live.