Agile Guidance document

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    1 Dec
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    1 Jan
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    1 Feb
Owner name:
WP1 Agile team
Due Date:
15 Feb 2021

The purpose of this guidance document is to provide theoretical and practical guidance on achieving an agile transformation in a Research and Innovation project such as INTERLACE. The guidance document gives an introduction on the key values and principles of working agile, followed by an explanation of the key components of the agile framework used in the INTERLACE project. The guidance explains in a comprehensive step-by-step manner how to get started, and provides a practical toolkit with more hands-on tips and examples. Key lessons learned during the implementation of the INTERLACE agile framework have also been summarised to help guide other projects that may want to apply an agile workflow.

This guidance document is aimed at the INTERLACE product development teams and other research teams who wish to apply a similar workflow to their project.