Agile Guidance document

  • Planning
    1 Dec
  • Developing
    1 Jan
  • Reviewing
    1 Feb
Owner name:
WP1 Agile team
Due Date:
15 Feb 2021

The Agile Guidance document explains what an agile approach entails and what the operational process will look like in the INTERLACE project. The document consists of:

  1. an introduction to the agile approach
  2. why it is important for INTERLACE
  3. a detailed breakdown of the agile workflow
  4. a step by step guide to getting started with an agile workflow; and
  5. an agile toolkit to assist the INTERLACE team in achieving the various steps.

Throughout the project, this guide will be a living document which will be continuously updated, incorporating new insights and lessons learned during the project lifecycle.