Sign the Engagement Letter and participate in the Signing Ceremony

Sign the CITIES TALK NATURE engagement letter at the conference

You like what CITIES TALK NATURE is doing and are keen on being involved beyond the event in Chemnitz? Then sign the engagement letter and express your willingness to participate in our regional and global dialogues.

CITIES TALK NATURE is a community of practice dedicated to restoring degraded ecosystems in municipalities in Latin America, Europe and other parts of the world. It explores the multiple advantages of restorative nature-based solutions, fosters exchange between cities, providing access to tools and methods as well as supporting collective action towards more liveable, inclusive and sustainable cities. CITIES TALK NATURE is run by the city networks Climate Alliance, UCLG, FLACMA and UNGL.

In signing the letter, you commit

  • to actively participate in the mutual exchange during CITIES TALK NATURE events or talks, 

  • to showcase a good practice example from your city in the CITIES TALK NATURE showcase to inspire other municipalities,

  • to implement the INTERLACE nature-people-places approach,

  • and to adopt, support and promote the integration of nature-based solutions into policies at all levels of government.

The signing ceremony in Chemnitz

At the Chemnitz conference, a signing ceremony will take place, in which you are warmly invited to sign the engagement letter. You can also participate in the signing ceremony by bringing a letter that has been signed in advance of the conference.

Who can sign the engagement letter?

As the situation in the countries and local authorities is very different, we are not pre-defining who can sign the letter. It can be the technician working in the relevant department, it can be the head of office, it can be the mayor. This depends on how things are handled in your respective municipality.

Please find the engagement letter here.
Please find more information on CITIES TALK NATURE here. 

If you want to sign the engagement letter and to participate in the signing ceremony, please fill in the following form until 28 April 2023. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us.

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Contact person

By applying, you confirm that you have read and agree to Cities Talk Nature’s DATA PROTECTION and CONSENT FORM and that you agree that the Cities Talk Nature team is allowed to contact you in regard to the engagement letter / signing ceremony.