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Urban Ecosystem Restoration Measures


The municipality of Oreamuno since 2020 has developed the bee-friendly Oreamuno strategy, which seeks the recovery of urban ecosystems through the conservation of bees adapted to the area, which ensures pollination and climate change mitigation measures. Environmental education processes are being carried out with different age groups. The objective is to raise awareness of the importance of pollination processes in wild plants, agronomic crops, trees, ensuring a balanced ecosystem in the different microclimates that control and regulate these functions. This will contribute to the balance of the ecosystem mitigating the effects of climate change through actions carried out by the municipality such as the protection of these insects for the survival of plants and food security. This project is an initiative that was conceived and designed by Biologist Pablo Gómez Zeledón, who is in charge of Environmental Hygiene and Ornamentation under the support of the Environmental Management and the leadership of Mr. Erick Jiménez Valverde in his capacity as mayor and Viviana Carpio Carpio, who leads environmental issues in the Municipality.

Bee hosts with beehives are placed in open spaces in Oreamuno, gardens are created and education processes are carried out with the community and educational centers.

In the past months it has been observed that the population of Oreamuno is interested in the training processes on the importance of solitary and social bees, also, they visit several of the points where the compound hotels are located to appreciate both the functional gardens and the role of the bee and plant.

An environmental education program was formulated for educational centers, development associations, senior citizen groups, farmers and administrative personnel of the municipality to increase their knowledge of bee biology, the bee-plant relationship, nectar and pollen sources, as well as the design and construction of bee hotels.

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Oreamuno bee-friendly


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