Urban Ecosystem Restoration Measures


The strategy sets supralocal targets for 15 municipalities, including the city of Krakow. One of them is objective 2. An environmentally friendly and climate-neutral Krakow metropolis ensuring a high quality of life. Within the framework of the objective, strategic actions are focused on 3 areas: (1) Efficient land management system, taking into account the pursuit of climate neutrality; (2) Efficient energy management and high air quality; (3) Rational waste management and efficient use of raw materials; (4) Efficient energy management and high air quality; and (5) Rational waste management and efficient use of raw materials.

The Strategy stipulates the need for extensive mitigation and adaptation measures related to climate change. One of the challenges is the rational use of water as a resource, including the proper management of rainwater. The Strategy also focuses on the development of blue-green infrastructure and other solutions that will enable better water management and the retention of as much water as possible in the Krakow metropolis.

Smart and integrated spatial planning is the key to increasing the quality of life, especially in areas with a positive migration balance and the ongoing strong suburbanization process. The strategy focuses on ensuring integrated spatial planning throughout the Krakow metropolitan area, taking into account the following issues: respect for the natural environment. In this respect, it is crucial to integrate spatial planning with socio-economic and transport planning.

The strategy refers to the creation and effective management of green spaces and the provision of high quality public spaces. Green spaces must be conducive places for residents to spend their leisure time outdoors and become a place of respite during periods of high temperatures. The key in this context is to ensure continuity between different green spaces, which requires close cooperation between municipalities.

Name of the measure: 
Krakow Metropolis Strategy 2030