Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy User Story

User story
  • Communication, dissemination and exploitation can be very complex; and it is typical for projects to adopt a "business as usual" approach that does not always succeed in reaching the target audiences, influencing their behaviour and achieving impact. With INTERLACE, we want to adopt a "business unusual" approach to CDE activity: still drawing upon tried-and-tested methods that we know work well, but also being experimental and trying new things, in keeping with the project's agile ethos.
  • Nature-Based Solutions have a crucial role to play in helping to address the climate and ecological crisis and we must make our voice heard. We are quite literally working to “save the world”! So we must be bold yet flexible, loud yet approachable, scientific and robust in our approaches, but also inclusive and welcoming of new ideas. We want to motivate others and encourage them to join us. All of this requires clear and compelling communications; and we need a strategy that will help us achieve that.
  • We want everyone who engages with the project will gain a greater understanding of NBS and the benefits of nature in cities; so that people will be motivated to “do more”.
  • Everyone wanting to interact with INTERLACE and express their views must be enabled to do so; and we want those who get involved to feel a sense of achievement in contributing to the project.
  • We want stakeholders within and between the INTERLACE cities to be better connected and remain so after the project has finished. We want our networks to be stronger and new collaborations created.
  • We want news about INTERLACE to be reported globally so that other partnerships will want to learn from our successes.
  • We want the outputs of the project (the tools, methods, data and other resources we create) to be positively received and widely used by the NBS community; and we want the impact of this uptake to be tangible – i.e. people will be able to ‘see’ the difference that the project has made.
  • We want to support and nurture innovation, resulting in new spin-off products and services. As part of this, we want the transnational platform created by INTERLACE (the Innovation Hub) to be sustained after the project itself has finished, leaving a legacy of collaboration between Europe and Latin America.