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Urban Ecosystem Restoration Measures


The development of the Pleißenpark is only one part of the funding scheme "Zukunft Stadtgrün" which is a neighbourhood spanning renaturation project. The Pleißenpark will be at the centre of it, located right in the middle of the old coal station in Altendorf. The station began its operation in 1904 for its construction the Pleißenbach was straightened and vast areas of originally farmland were sealed. The commercial operation of the station stopped 100 years later.
The first ideas for the park and the renaturation of the whole area were made in 2016. The main idea is to combine the already existing nature, the renaturation of the river and the industrial history of this area in the newly created landscape park. The park will connect different neighbourhoods and completes the green corridor "Pleißenbach".

For the development of the park the already existing pioneer nature will be used in order to preserve the left alone post-industrial appearance of the area. In addition, the Pleißenbach which was still partly covered and straightened, will be completely uncovered and the river will get back it's meanders, retention areas and natural embankments. Through the renaturation of the area a missing piece in the green corridor will be filled which enables wild animals and birds to wander more easily and to ensure the supply of fresh cold air to the city on hot summer days.

During the time of operation, the station separated two neighbouring districts of Chemnitz. With the restoration of the area not only the biodiversity will increase, but also the connectedness and the value of the two neighbourhoods. The area will entail a playground, benches, open green spaces, information boards about the park and nature, paths to wander and cycle and areas to protect and increase the urban biodiversity.

The intervention will reduce the inequality of access to quality urban green spaces in the neighbourhood. It will add a new green space to the neighbourhood, which will also function as a meeting point, recreational area and a connection between the neighbourhoods. Furthermore, a bicycle track will be constructed which connects the city centre with the outskirts of Chemnitz.

Name of the measure: 
Pleißenbach - "Zukunft Stadtgrün"


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