WWF Ukraine launches first of its kind Nature-based Solutions Platform

13 December 2022

Embracing efficient nature-based solutions in context of post-war recovery

Since July 2021, WWF-Ukraine has been facilitating stakeholder discussion on how climate-related nature-based solutions can be applied in Ukraine through a project called INSURE. Standing for “moving Nature-baSed climate solutions into Ukraine’s Reform agenda, the project has a long term goal to integrate NbS into Ukraine’s policy reform by establishing the necessary knowledge base and stakedholder support, while simultaneously building capacity and addressing key drivers of climate change. (The project is funded by Sweden and implemented in cooperation with WWF Central and Eastern Europe, WWF-Sweden, and WWF-Poland).

After the onset of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, INSURE’s goals were extended to embrace efficient nature-based solutions in the context of post-war recovery. Since Ukraine was given EU candidate status and discussions started on how to support the country in achieving sustainable post-war recovery, nature-based solutions thus gained additional relevance. Nature based solutions can help meet multiple objectives, from biodiversity conservation to climate goals and securing Ukraine’s agricultural soils.

In October 2022, WWF Ukraine launched the first Ukrainian-language Nature-based solutions platform – an online source of helpful information, methodologies, and best practice for those responsible for strategic planning and practical implementation of nature-based solutions. The platform is also designed to bring together a diverse set of stakeholders and policymakers and facilitate dialogue and learning across levels of governance on the potential of NbS.

What the platform offers

The platform contains information about perspective nature-based solutions in forestry, water sector and agriculture for climate adaptation and post-war recovery. For instance, close-to-nature forestry, conservation agriculture, peatland restoration etc. One can also find out about relevant case studies in Ukraine and the world or submit their own.

The platform can also serve as an engagement for those Ukrainians and Europeans who are interested in joint projects on nature-based solutions to support sustainable recovery of Ukraine, for example, within the Horizon program.

Recommendations for policy makers

WWF Ukraine also developed a set of recommendations for policymakers: Nature-based solutions in forestry, water and agriculture for restoration of Ukraine and climate change adaptation.

The nature-based solutions platform and recommendations were presented on 24 November, 2022, at the Knowledge sharing event “Harnessing the power of Nature-based Solutions as a contribution to sustainable post-war recovery and the environmental legislation of Ukraine”.

The event helped explore which nature-based solutions are likely to have the largest positive impact in the sectors of agriculture, forestry and water management and which reform processes are needed as a prerequisite for success. Ukrainian policymakers reflected on the potential they see in moving towards a nature-based solutions agenda in Ukraine and its role in the accession and post-war recovery process. The meeting has united experts, representatives of the European Commission, foreign representations in Brussels, and the nature-based solutions expert community for open discussions.

Nature-positive recovery

We are in a climate-biodiversity crisis and sustainable recovery will be absolutely crucial for rebuilding Ukraine in a resilient way. The EU has a lot to share in terms of the implementation of NbS for the transformation to nature-positive recovery.” - Karin Zaunberger, International relations officer at DG ENV F3, European Commission.

Post-war recovery of Ukraine is a major opportunity and it is totally essential to promote the climate-biodiversity agenda as part of the development and restoration efforts. If we really want to make post-war recovery a tool for mainstreaming NbS, we need large-scale bankable projects and financial experts to access private funds.

Explore the platform here.