WHO releases new courses for capacity building in Environment and Health

16 August 2022

As a part of the WHO Bonn Environment and Health School, the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health is offering two online courses to support capacity building of experts working in the health and environment field in 2022. The two courses are:

The courses are tailored towards staff of public authorities covering environment, planning, waste management and health. Applicants should come from the 53 Member States covered by the WHO European Region, ideally have an experience of 2 to 5 working years, and work at:

  • national ministries, institutions and decision-making entities, or
  • regional or local authorities.

The respective courses run in parallel and take place twice a week virtually between 3-24 November 2022 (Tuesday and Saturday from 09:00-14:00 CET). The course days entail three daily sessions using a problem-based approach to learning and reflection on lessons given.

Seats are limited to 30 participants, and applications can be submitted by 9 September. For more detailed information on course content and the application process, please contact eurobonnschool@who.int.

The WHO European Centre for Environment and Health, located in Bonn, works with policy development on issues such as air quality and noise, providing evidence on nature and emerging environmental health risks. 

Apply for the WHO Capacity Building Course on contaminated sites here

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