Visuals for Nature: Art and Nature-based Solutions

23 February 2024

NetworkNature takes very seriously its role to raise awareness, share knowledge and build capacities for nature based solutions. This work is underpinned by an EU Research and Innovation NbS Roadmap and NetworkNature’s six priority themes: 

  • Biodiversity enhancement and ecosystem restoration; 

  • Sustainable food systems; 

  • Zero Pollution; 

  • Climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience; 

  • Sustainable finance, investment and just transition; 

  • Sustainable urban and regional transformation.

Of the wide variety of resources NetworkNature has collected over the years, there is one additional and equally important tool in the toolkit for engaging minds and growing the NbS community of innovators, practitioners and develops - visuals for awareness-raising.

NetworkNature has experienced first-hand that effective visual communication can inspire people to mobilise around and for nature. For example, our collaboration with The Nature of Cities and their NbS Comics- Nature to save the world campaign has shown that artists, especially when brought on early to projects, can play a crucial role in increasing awareness and thus increasing uptake of nature-based solutions in greater society. You can get more of a taste for such creative synergies at the upcoming TNOC Festival 2024 3-7 June in Berlin

Visual arts also played an important role in the creation of our NbS made Easy brochures, meant to familiarise people with what nature based solutions are and equally important, what they are not. Another great example of visual communication is our beautiful Design Brief Series, providing recommendations for urban designers on best practices for NbS and Urban Design. There is also a wealth of visual materials being produced from Task Force Four for Communicators and from 76 and counting EU funded NbS projects tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis.

Imagery by Charlotte Ager
Imagery by Charlotte Ager

Today, we have officially launched the use of our new NetworkNature logo. Its upper right corner features a second blossoming leaf, symbolising continuing dedication to connecting localities to the benefits that nature-based solutions can provide. Together our actions, words and by extension, our visual language, will promote a step-change from siloed thinking to a more creative, inclusive and integrated approach to NbS.