Upcoming COP16: Call for Proposals for the Green Zone Agenda

13 June 2024

COP16, 21 October 2024 - 1 November 2024 Cali, Columbia, the first biodiversity COP since the adoption of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, will convene to review progress and align national biodiversity strategies and action plans. Key discussions will focus on monitoring frameworks, resource mobilisation and equitable access and benefit sharing of digital sequence information on genetic resources.

Why COP16 is important for biodiversity projects?

COP16 is critical for advancing nature-based solutions and biodiversity projects by

  • Showcasing progress: Reviewing implementation of the Biodiversity Action Plan and sharing successful strategies.
  • Mobilising resources: Discussing financial mechanisms to support biodiversity projects worldwide.
  • Strengthening cooperation: Bringing together governments, NGOs, indigenous communities and civil society to promote innovative nature-based solutions.
  • Addressing equity: Ensuring fair access to and sharing of benefits from genetic resources, which are essential for global biodiversity conservation.

The Green Zone: "The People's COP

The Green Zone, located outside the main conference area at Bulevar del Rio de Cali, encourages the participation of civil society, NGOs, businesses and other stakeholders. Open to the public, it aims to inspire concrete action to conserve biodiversity.

Interested parties can propose events or activities for the Green Zone. Proposals will be evaluated based on experience, impact and alignment with COP16 objectives. The deadline for submissions is 5 July 2024.