Guía para la Implementación de SbN en Quito

The application of NbS requires the involvement of a wide range of city agents: the policy makers, NGOs and residents They must be accompanied and involved along the way towards a greener city. We can not afford dispense with all existing local knowledge in our local communities. At the same time, there are than to describe how we can incorporate permanent NbS to the city's DNA. For this it is necessary to create awareness of the possibilities of NbS and disseminate knowledge about its impact. Capacity development is the key term here, as well as the integration of NbS in policies and urban practices. CLEVER Cities, through its focus on the co-creative elaboration of NbS, the emphasis on the multiple co-benefits of green infrastructure urban and the crucial importance of a management approach integrated, has tried to contribute to a long-term development term towards resilient and sustainable urban development in Quito. This NbS Urban Plan for Quito is the encouraging result of this process, which should now find your way in urban political action.