Open call: Bust your myth at the NetworkNature Annual Event

21 May 2024

Do you want to contribute to the NetworkNature Annual Event through your knowledge and experience?

NetworkNature is looking for common myths encountered by stakeholders in relation to ecosystem restoration and management as well as inspiring solutions busting these myths, based on experiences related to Nature-based Solutions.

About the NetworkNature Annual Event

This year’s NetworkNature Annual Event will focus on ‘Busting myths” in relation to ecosystem restoration and management. This event will revolve around myths that NbS practice, research, policy making and business are busting or that need to be busted to assure transformative change and reverse biodiversity loss. The concept of Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) and their features will arise from busting the myths, acknowledging that restoring nature is not a luxury but a necessity and an opportunity that brings many advantages, including in economic terms, and highlighting the potential of NbS to identify, capture and build on synergistic relationships between nature and people.. When shifting from a conventional approach to Nature-based solutions, it is necessary to challenge long-held beliefs about how people and nature work together.

Read more about the Annual Event here.

How can you contribute?

This is where you come in! We invite you to propose your own myth to bust building on successful inspiring experiences related to Nature-based solutions. The audience, including policy-makers, local authorities, researchers, innovators, land planners and managers, investors and businesses, educators, artists and society at large will be challenged by different presentations. These will debunk pre-conceived notions regarding the restoration, conservation, protection, management, and use of land and seas, not only focusing on regenerating nature actions but also on nature governance and policy, and economy and valuation.

What are the pre-conceived notions that you are debunking with your work in relation to NbS? How have NbS contributed to shift your view on how ecosystems should be protected, conserved, restored, used or managed? Which stakeholders need to bust their own myths on their area to unlock the uptake of NbS?

Fill in this short form to propose your myth and ways to bust it (by 20th June).

Find out more about the general conditions for this open-call and an example of a relevant proposal here.

By filling in the form, you can propose yourself (or someone else) as a potential speaker during the NetworkNature Annual Event, to dive into the myth you have encountered, the solution you propose, and the opportunities arising from NbS in that context.

Join us in person in Brussels on September 25th for a day of enlightening and challenging discussions, presentations and interactive activities to reshape our understanding of how people and nature can work together.