NetworkNature+ Takes Up the NbS Torch

Field of wildflowers as the sun either rises or sets
27 July 2023

NetworkNature is coming to an end this July, but NetworkNature+ will carry the work forward starting in August. NetworkNature+ will build on the legacy of NetworkNature, evolving it into a comprehensive 'network of networks' that partners with diverse audiences to address societal challenges prioritised by the EU. The primary focus will be on nature-based solutions (NbS), aligning with EU 2030 policy targets and EU Missions. The main ambition is to accelerate the upscaling of NbS implementation in science, business, policy, and practice. We will accomplish this by aligning with the EU's objectives to combat biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, and climate change by 2030. To guide our work and activities, we will focus on priority (policy) themes and explore how EU 2030 policy targets might serve as opportunities for broad NbS integration.

NetworkNature+'s advocacy and knowledge sharing work will encompass biodiversity and ecosystems, climate change adaptation and mitigation, health (including zero pollution), agriculture, soil, sustainable food, urban and regional development, as well as sustainable finance, investment, and just transition. Through our agile 'content support service,' we will continue to collaborate closely with EU-fundedĀ  NbS projects, curating and creating website content on their behalf to enhance the visibility and impact of their work. We will also develop an interactive "map" of the NbS projects landscape, offering a clear and engaging overview of topics, outputs, and interrelationships. Collaborating with interested EU projects, CEN-CENELEC, ISO, and the IUCN Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions, we will take (pre-)standardization of NbS projects' results and products to new heights. To ensure direct relevance for policymakers and stronger policy impact, we will orient joint Task Force (TF) work around identified policy themes and gaps in the EU R&IĀ  NbS Roadmap to advance its implementation. We are committed to facilitating collaboration among NbS Task Force Members, providing a demand-based mechanism and budget for developing aligned joint outputs that contribute meaningfully to policy and practice. Additionally, our co-production workspace will be enhanced with new features, making collaboration more inclusive, manageable, and visible, leading to better products and outcomes. Stay tuned for more information on how to get involved.