NetworkNature Nordic Hub: Opportunity for Action

Jan Huber: Tree
26 January 2024

The Nordic Cities Nature-Based Solutions Project is a pivotal initiative within the Nordic Council of Ministers' comprehensive program to achieve Vision 2030 – making the Nordic Region the most sustainable and integrated region in the World. Focused on promoting nature-based solutions in Nordic cities, the project centers on the 3-30-300 principle, which is a rule of thumb for urban trees and greening, emphasizing biodiversity, climate adaptation, and public health.

As the final phase of a thematic program, it follows literature synthesis, pilot projects, and guidelines for implementation. The 3-30-300 principle provides clear criteria for the minimum provision of urban trees in our urban communities: all citizens shall be able to see 3 trees from their home; there should be 30 percent tree canopy cover in every neighbourhood; there should be 300 metres from the nearest public park or green space. This project aims to evaluate the 3-30-300 principle's effectiveness in enhancing biological diversity, climate resilience, and public health, with a specific focus on native tree species. A key objective is to establish a collaborative network among Nordic cities, fostering the preservation and expansion of local tree populations. This collaboration is integral to achieving the overarching goals of Vision 2030, contributing to the region's sustainability and resilience. In countries where the 3-30-300 principle might not be relevant to implement (e.g. Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland) due to lack of native tree species, the aim should be to assess native shrub species in urban green areas.

The project's timeline extends until December 2024, aligning with the broader initiative's commitment to creating more resilient and healthier cities through nature-based solutions. The project is looking support. Interested in the related call for tender? Learn more!