NetworkNature+ Joins Forces with European Standardisation Committee CEN/TC 465

Marek Lumi Unsplash
12 December 2023

In a recent development aimed at bridging the gap between research and innovation on NbS and market uptake in a nature-positive economy in Europe, NetworkNature+ has established a liaison with the European standardisation committee for sustainable cities and communities (CEN/TC 465). This collaboration promises to play a pivotal role in reinforcing the integration of expert insights into the European market. This will be achieved by closing the knowledge value chain, moving the needs of cities and communities from research and innovation to products into the market.

NetworkNature+ is deeply invested in accelerating the upscaling of NbS in line with policy priorities of the European Green Deal, drawing on the evidence, results and tools generated by 76 NbS projects funded under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. A vast pool of experts has been dedicated to innovating and sharing best practices around nature-based solutions, which one can read about in this NetworkNature semester theme report on Quality and Standards and the knowledge brief, “Ensuring the quality of nature-based solutions. This body of expertise is expected to be invaluable for the CEN/TC 465, especially in the domain of nature-based solutions (NbS).

The liaison's primary focus will be on the work taking place in WG1 pertaining to Nature-based Solutions (NbS). Notably, CEN/TC 465 WG1 is currently engaged in crafting a standard on NbS Terminology. Such standardised terminologies will likely bolster clarity and understanding, making it easier for stakeholders across Europe to engage with, implement, and benefit from nature-based solutions.

Francesca Bretzel CNR, Convenor of CEN/TC 465 WG1 explains the expected impact for the liason on European standardisation, saying,

"The liaison with NetworkNature+ represents a great opportunity for the project in CEN/TC 465 WG1 on NbS terminology, due to the deep competence NN+ holds on this emergent and important topic. I am expecting a substantial contribution from NN+ to the project and looking forward to the next meeting."

The creation of this liaison is a testament to the potential of collaborative efforts between experts and standardisation bodies. The work will build on our activities in the Semester Theme in 2022 and the achieved results. The official liaison between NetworkNature+ and CEN/TC 465 is bound to propel the efficacy and reach of nature-based solutions in Europe to new heights.

For further details on the European standardisation committee CEN/TC 465, you can visit their official webpage and its business plan. Check out our output report on the findings.