NetworkNature Call for Ecosystem Restoration Case-Studies

16 November 2021

As part of the NetworkNature semester ‘Nature-based solutions for ecosystem restoration’, which aims to create opportunities for local, regional and international cooperation on nature-based solutions and to explore how ecosystem restoration can contribute to biodiversity conservation whilst fostering sustainable development, at NetworkNature we are pleased to invite you to submit case-studies and experiences of ecosystem restoration.

We are interested to learn more about the objectives, context, actions carried out, societal challenges tackled, and the arising benefits to communities.

Case-studies will be shared by NetworkNature on the website, social media  and in the Ecosystem Restoration semester report that will be identifying key messages and recommendations to mainstream and upscale ecosystem restoration action. This report will be shared with our wider community of nature-based solutions stakeholders and audiences having an interest in improving the uptake of ecosystem restoration across the globe.

Submit your research here: Call for the Submission of Ecosystem Restoration Case-Studies - the deadline for the submission of case-studies is 17th December 2021

We would also like to invite stakeholders to discuss their case-studies of Ecosystem Restoration during a forthcoming Ecosystem Restoration workshop that will be held during the next few months, and which will aim to identify, discuss and learn from the experiences and good practices of ecosystem restoration from around the globe. More information about this workshop will be published in the coming weeks but we invite you to contact us in case you are interested to learn more.

If there are any questions or you would like to learn more about the work carried out during the NetworkNature Ecosystem Restoration semester, please get in touch with us via: