NbS Comics: Nature to Save the World - Call for Contributions!

14 November 2022

NbS Comics: Nature to Save the World - Open call!

Want to create a comic about nature that saves the world? About nature-based solutions to our shared global challenges? We are creating a new series of comics called Nature-based Solutions Comics, or NbS Comics; it’s a partnership between NetworkNature and The Nature of Cities. This is an open call to EU-based comic creators for proposals for comics (we’ll commission 7 to start a series) that explore graphic storytelling about the challenges we face as people and societies — climate change, biodiversity loss, stormwater surges, urban heat, inequity of green space distribution, social justice, and more — and how working with and not against nature can help us create a world that is better for both people and nature. Deadline 15 January.

Find more information on the call page: www.thenatureofcities.com/nbs-comicsnature-to-save-the-world/ 

Comic credit: David Maddox/TNOC