Nature-based Solutions Cluster Task Forces Pave the Way for Nature-based Solutions Advancement

25 January 2024

The NbS Cluster Task Forces (TF) are in full force for the newest phase of NetworkNature. They recently showcased their significant strides at the annual event in Brussels, June 2023, unveiling pivotal contributions across six impactful areas, including a new addition - the Education working group:

  • Task Force 1: Data and Knowledge Sharing

  • Task Force 2: Integrated Assessment Framework

  • Task Force 3: Governance, Business Models and Financial Mechanisms

  • Task Force 4: NbS Communicators

  • Task Force 5: Education 

  • Task Force 6: Co-creation and Governance

These TFs are an epitome of innovation and collaboration, delivering substantial outputs that directly impact accessibility and implementation of Nature-based Solutions (NbS). For instance,

the Data and Knowledge Sharing TF 1 introduced a comprehensive data management plan focusing on FAIR principles, meaning ensuring data’s findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability. TF 2’s innovative handbook, “Evaluating the Impact of Nature-based Solutions”, and TF 3’s guidance on NbS benefit valuations underscore the tangible value these groups bring to impact assessment and financial understanding within the NbS sphere. TF 4 for NbS Communicators focused its efforts on finding creative ways to reach new audiences and to familiarise new target audiences with information on NbS. One of the most successful avenues for this was the creation of three animated videos introducing different aspects of NbS, such as co-creation for exemple. The NbS Education TF 5 is the newest addition to the TF family, brought about by the emerging addition of NbS educational initiatives such as NbS EduWORLD  (facilitator of TF5), NbS Academy, GoGreenRoutes or Regreen. The main expected output from this group will be developing a network space for educators to expand on approaches for NbS and the integration of competencies and skill building for the next generation of NbS practitioners. Additionally the TF 6 on co-creation and co-goverance has created multiple products to improve and promote co-creation, including spatial planning and inclusive nature-based regeneration.

The noteworthy progress in cross-TF collaboration signifies an evolution in their collective impact. The task forces synergistically build upon each other's work, fostering novel ideas, and establishing robust connections with other NbS projects, notably engaging the NbS regional hubs. These hubs' involvement at regional and national levels further amplifies collaborative efforts, as highlighted in the insightful report, "Voices from the NetworkNature NbS Hubs: A booklet of success stories." In essence, the NetworkNature TFs’ diverse outputs not only advance NbS knowledge, but also fortify collaboration, setting a precedent for effective cross-sector partnerships and amplifying the impact of NbS on a global scale.