Nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation

Niko photos, Unsplash
5 November 2021

The new report "Nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation", authored by experts from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Union or Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) finds the effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in de-aborishing the global economy and in achieving the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global warming to below 1.5°C. Indeed, through the interpretation of the existing scientific evidence and taking into account associated uncertainties as well as the time needed to deploy safeguards, the report shows how NbS are able to remove at least 5 gigatonnes of CO2 per year by 2030 and at least 10 gigatons by 2050 on a conservative basis.

However, the report points out that to realize this potential, NbS require additional funding and cloose accordination between both public and private sector as well as their implementation according to rigorous standards. Indeed, they have to be implemented equitably and fairly, taking into account the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities, by respecting also strict social and environmental safeguards to avoid harm.

The full report can be read here.