Feedback opportunity for Horizon Europe work programme 2025 now open!

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16 April 2024

The European Commission has launched a feedback opportunity for Horizon Europe work programme 2025.

Responses submitted through the survey will contribute to the co-design of the ‘main’ work programme 2025. The feedback opportunity is open for three weeks and will close on 6 May 2024 midday, CET.

The feedback is being collected at the level of the ‘Destinations’ or Missions, corresponding to the six Horizon Europe clusters, research infrastructures, European innovation ecosystems, the five EU Missions and cross-cutting activities and the New European Bauhaus facility.  Respondents will be able to provide feedback for one or multiple Destinations and/or Missions, according to what is most relevant to them.

To structure the input, the Commission services have provided an orientation document for each Destination and Mission, outlining the impacts and outcomes expected from the actions to be funded in 2025.

  • Expected impacts are the wider long-term effects of groups of projects on society, the economy and science.
  • Expected outcomes explain what a group of successful projects should achieve overall in the medium term, and on the way to the longer-term.

The work programme 2025 will implement the key strategic orientations set out in the Horizon Europe strategic plan 2025-2027. Since the work programme 2025 covers a period and budget of one year, the orientations for the work programme do not cover the full scope of the strategic plan. Replies collected during this feedback opportunity will contribute to the co-creation process of topics in the work programme 2025. All inputs received will be considered and implemented them to the greatest possible extent. The final result of the feedback opportunity will be the adoption of the work programme 2025.


Work programmes set out the funding opportunities for research and innovation activities through thematic calls for proposals and topics. The Horizon Europe ‘main’ work programme 2025 is being developed following the orientations of the newly adopted strategic plan 2025-2027.  The strategic plan sets out three key strategic orientations for EU's research and innovation funding for the last three years of the programme (2025-2027): Green transition; Digital transition; and A more resilient, competitive, inclusive and democratic Europe.

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