Empowering Research for a Sustainable Blue Economy: Joint Transnational Call for Impactful Research and Innovation Projects

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11 March 2024

The Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership (SBEP), initiated under the Horizon Europe Programme in 2022, announces its second joint transnational call aimed at advancing a climate-neutral, sustainable, and resilient blue economy. With a vision to foster a just and inclusive transition to a regenerative ocean economy, the SBEP seeks to address the challenges and opportunities inherent in Europe's relationship with the sea.

Key Details:

Context and Objectives:

  • The SBEP aligns with EU strategies such as the Green Deal and Digital Europe, aiming to bolster science-policy interfaces in marine and maritime domains.

  • Despite the significant economic contribution of the blue economy, challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions impact its growth.

  • Research indicates immense potential for sustainable food provision and job creation through better management and technological innovation in ocean ecosystems.

  • The 2024 Joint Call is the second initiative of the SBEP, uniting financial resources from national and regional levels across 26 countries and the European Union.

Requirements and Objectives:

  • Projects must be impact-driven, contributing to a resilient and climate-neutral blue economy.

  • Stakeholder engagement, including scientific, industry, societal, and policy stakeholders, is essential to meet the SBEP's quadruple-helix collaboration ambition.

  • Proposals should align with EU policies and consider a minimum of two European sea basins to ensure broad impact.

  • Alignment with the EU Taxonomy is mandatory, ensuring adherence to environmental and social standards.

How to Participate:

  • Applications should involve partners from at least three countries and engage stakeholders from the quadruple-helix.

  • Submissions must address one of four intervention areas: Digital Twins of the Ocean, Blue Economy Sectors, Managing Sea Uses, and Blue Bioresources.

  • Interested parties can utilise the SBEP Partner Search Tool to find suitable partners or projects. 

  • A brokerage event will be held from February 26 to March 8 to facilitate matchmaking among researchers, companies, and stakeholders.

The SBEP's joint transnational call represents a pivotal opportunity to drive innovation, value creation, and employment in Europe's blue economy while contributing to global sustainability goals. For more information and updates, visit the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership's website and social media channels.