Charting Pathways for Freshwater Restoration in Europe

Blue Water Drop
4 March 2024

In a landmark development, the MERLIN project has released a policy briefing, illuminating European Union (EU) policies crucial for driving the integration of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in freshwater restoration efforts across Europe. This brochure, a treasure trove of insights, holds immense significance for policymakers, environmental stakeholders, and advocates of sustainable freshwater ecosystems.

Key Highlights: 

The MERLIN briefing looks at the complex role of EU policy and analyses six guidelines: the Green Deal, the Nature Restoration Law, the Water Framework Directive, the Common Agricultural Policy, the Climate Change Law and the Adaptation Strategy. Its evaluation spans across seven Member States, unravelling the potential of these policies in advocating and implementing freshwater NbS.

Benefits and Future Implication:

This booklet is not just an analysis; it's a call to action. It translates its findings into actionable recommendations, ranging from budgetary commitments to innovative planning approaches, capacity building, knowledge dissemination and advanced monitoring methods. These recommendations are intended to guide policy discussions at different levels within the EU and Member States, to shape future policy and to promote cross-sectoral cooperation on freshwater restoration.

Why is it a Must-Read?

For those passionate about environmental policy and freshwater protection, this booklet offers invaluable insights. It highlights the mechanisms through which policy levers within the EU can trigger transformative change, foster institutional change and advance the integration of NbS for freshwater restoration. The MERLIN deliverables insights promise to fuel meaningful discussions, spur policy innovations, and drive Europe toward a future where freshwater ecosystems thrive, reflecting a harmonious balance between human activities and nature's resilience.