The big food redesign. Making nature-positive food the norm

Lukasz Szmigiel, Unsplash
8 October 2021

What if food could build biodiversity and tackle climate change?

Everything we eat is designed, from our breakfast to our favourite takeaway. Food brands and supermarkets make decisions about our food - from how it tastes and how it's grown to how nutritious it is. The latest study by Ellen Macarthur Foundation, The big food redesign: Regenerating nature with a circular economy explains how food brands and retailers can use their power to redesign our food system and create a nature-positive future.

A first change can occur by rethinking the ingredients that fast moving consumer goods companies (FMCGs) and retailers use and how they're produced, they can provide choices that are better for customers, for farmers, and  for the environment. What we eat could be designed by combining the principles of circular economy with food design. The study showcases that a circular design for food offers significantly greater benefits than better sourcing alone.