Nature-based solutions in the new IPCC report

10 Agosto 2021

The new IPCC special report on effects of global warming  above pre-industrial levels, sounds an alarm on the irreversible negative impacts of human activity on our own habitat. In order to to steer away from a climate catastrophe, scientists state that stark and immediate cuts on emissions are needed.

The report findings show how temperatures have risen exponentially - as have sea levels -with glaciers melting and arctic sea ice dimishing, due to human activity. Further the increase of extreme weather events related to 'hot extremes' has become more commonplace than 'cold extremes'. We are likely to reach the 1.5ºC degree rise in 2040 if not earlier, and are well on the way to reaching 2ºC, if quick sustainable transitions are not embraced.

The report acknowledges nature-based solutions as a tool to help support the environment and mitigate effects of climate change. The report acknowledges their proven benefits in promoting sedimentation to address flood risks, in delta areas that are at high risk of flooding even with a 1.5ºC degree temperature rise. Nature-based solutions as a tool for climate mitigation is further highlighted due to its co-benefits in improving human well-being - change can be for the better! The European Commission is increasingly channeling efforts into spreading nature-based solutions in European urban- and rural areas, and fostering collaboration with regions globally. Read more about current nature-based solutions projects funded by the EU here.


Photo: Benefits of nature-based solutions - The European Commission

Top photo: Markus Spiske, Unsplash