Nature-based solutions in action: Lessons from the frontline

Nature-based solutions in action: Lessons from the frontline
27 July 2021

Nature-based solutions (NbS) help address the effects of climate change in an integrated way, such as biodiversity loss and poverty.

If done well, nature-based solutions could be the key to protecting, sustainably managing and restoring ecosystems, in cost-effective ways while addressing societal challenges such as poverty and inequality. To do this, projects must be useful to people, especially those who are marginalized, indigenous peoples and local communities.

This report highlights successful Nbs in a wide range of contexts. The report was developed by members of the CAN-UK Nature-based Solutions Working Group (formerly Bond Development and Environment Group) and includes case studies from Care International, Excellent Development, Farm Africa, IBIS Rice Conservation Co., International Institute for Environment and development, International Plan, Practical Action, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Tree Aid, World Vision UK and WWF.

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