Barcelona (Spain) is currently implementing the "Trees for Living - Barcelona Tree Master Plan 2017-37" as part of its Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan until 2020. The plan embodies the city's vision of trees as a fundamental part of Barcelona's green infrastructure and aims to increase the city's tree cover by 5%, so that 30% of the city's surface area is covered with trees. Specifically, the Tree Master Plan is the strategic document that guides the Barcelona City Council for future planning, management and conservation actions for municipal trees in the urban area. As such, the plan aims to combat the adverse effects of climate change on urban development and, at the same time, increase urban biodiversity, connect people with nature and provide ecosystem services. The Barcelona City Council is responsible for implementing the plan, but it involves public and private organizations as well as citizens. Since urban trees have a long life span (approximately 50 years), the Tree Master Plan has a 20-year lifespan and is a long-term planning instrument.