Sustainable Urban Drainage System, Postdamer Platz, Berlin
Berlin’s 2016 Urban Development Plan for Climate Adaptation (StEP KONKRET) is a sectoral plan, which provides a framework for the city's adaptation measures. The plan aims to ensure the desired quality of life in the city by promoting measures to create a heat-adapted city and water-sensitive urban development. StEP Klima KONKRET also focuses on the integration and use of no-regret measures that make social, economic and ecological sense, even without considering the impacts of climate change. The plan seeks to develop and foster tools and ways of integrating adaptation measures in processes, programmes and projects at all levels of planning and showcases best practice examples from local projects and other cities on, for example, the use of blue-green roofs, vaporization patches and shading. StEP Klima KONKRET is also developing packages of measures and strategies for seven building structures and surface types commonly used in Berlin. The plan is part of Berlin's urban planning development plan and was developed by the Senate of Berlin with support from an urban planning office and a rainwater engineering company. The plan also complements and advances the StEP Klima Plan (2011).