In response to the growing problem of local floods and an overloaded sewerage system, the municipality of Rumia in Poland introduced a tax system in 2018 which creates disincentives and incentives connected to water retention on private properties. The tax charges private land owners, companies, housing cooperatives, etc. per cubic meter of stormwater that is directed to the sewage system from their land. Thus, private property owners that are disconnected from the sewage system and which keep stormwater on their property do not have to pay any tax. On the other hand, land owners that are connected to the sewage system can receive up to 90% tax relief for retaining water on their land. This has created impacts regarding the unsealing of paved surfaces, construction of nature-based solutions, increases in societal awareness about stormwater management, and - concretely - a decrease the amount of runoff water directed to the sewerage from new investments by about 90%.