The city of Montpellier in France launched a targeted strategy in 2011 to provide evidence and guidance on managing abandoned areas in the city, particularly concerning environmental education and awareness objectives. In addition, the strategy aims to preserve Montpellier's natural heritage and promote wastelands as reservoirs of biodiversity and tools for connecting natural spaces. The strategy was the result of a large census project which aimed to valorize the city's abandoned areas. The strategy is based on three axes (observe and know, conserve and restore, educate and raise awareness). As such, the city made efforts to involve inhabitants, strengthen links with the scientific and academic community, and position Montpellier as a national benchmark in the field, following international recognition for its innovative action in this area. In practice, the strategy categorized the abandoned spaces according to their context, origin, and potential. Implementation has taken place experimentally in four projects: Zenith Friche, Promenade of the Gironde, Pastourelle, and Combemale.