The cooperative instrument "One square in every neighborhood" aims to restore public spaces in each of the 30 districts at the level of Lisbon City in Portugal. The planning instrument's objectives are to promote ecological and low-carbon mobility and improve urban environmental quality. The aim is to create meeting points for the local community that consecrates itself as a public space of excellence, combining soft modes of locomotion, walking, and cycling. Public transport is selectively permitted and car traffic is to be restricted. The planning instrument was launched by the Municipality of Lisbon (CML) - Division of Urban Projects and Studies, with the close collaboration of the 24 parish councils and various neighborhood representatives. The instrument acts as an implementation program, aligned with the "Lisbon City of Neighborhoods" concept and the "PORLisboa202" action plan. The municipal chamber sought to revamp different neighborhoods' green areas with a place-based design approach. The citizens helped formulate the priorities and characteristics of their community's square, and the contributions were collected from the population most directly linked to the intervention sites. This entry unfolds one implementation of the cooperative instrument in the "Rua de Campolide" (neighborhood area of Campolide - Lisbon).