The Special Plan of the Natural Space of Gallecs aims to preserve the natural and landscape values of a rural area located 15 kilometers north of Barcelona in Spain. The 733 hectare area is located in a highly anthropized environment, with the main activity being agriculture, which is increasingly organic. This Plan was originally initiated in 1998 by the city council of Mollet del Vallès, and initially rejected by the Catalan Government. After a long process, a new Special Plan was drafted in 2009 by the Catalan government as a requirement by the existing 2005 Urban Master Plan of the ACTUR of Santa Maria de Gallecs, with the aim of establishing the necessary conditions and measures to regulate the urban planning of land uses and their activities. However, the Special Plan is still pending approval. The overarching goal of the Special Plan is (1) to preserve, revitalize and make the area's agricultural, natural, social and landscape values compatible, (2) to establish the basic norms for regulating the land, the uses and activities and the existing buildings, and (3) to fix the management instruments of the agrarian space. Management measures include the regulation of paths and roads, water, agriculture, and forestry. The land to which the Plan applies is owned by the Catalan Land Institute (Institut Català del Sòl), a regional public administration, which maintains an annual collaboration agreement with the Consorci de Gallecs (Consortium of Gallecs) for the management and maintenance of the space. The Consorci de Gallecs is a public organization comprised by regional institutions such as the Generalitat de Catalunya and several city councils.