Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile is the cultural, economic and political center of Chile, where the lack of regulation led to massive urban expansion and strong socio-ecological segregation patterns. Comparative studies also found that Santiago has a much lower average amount of green areas than recommended by different international organisations. The distribution of open spaces in Santiago is highly unequal, where urban deserts almost completely devoid of any green space contrast with large areas representing a garden city. While there are currently a number of initiatives in relation to the planning and management of green spaces in Santiago both from the sides of public institutions and civil society, the activities remain fragmented. A initiative to design a dedicated Green Infrastructure Plan thus intended to give a joint vision and frame to catalyse collective action for a greener city. The plan represent a contribution to the social and spatial integration as well as to climate change adaptation in Santiago de Chile. The design phase of the Plan was executed in a highly participatory manner: different stakeholders were involved, and workshops and mapping sessions were held.