NK Tegelwippen
The National Championship ‘Tile-tipping’ (NK Tegelwippen) in the Netherlands is an annual competition that started in 2020, in which the whole of the country swaps grey infrastructure (tiles) for plants. Started by a private agency (Frank Lee) in cooperation with the collective 'Dus Wat Gaan Wij Doen?', the competition is now supported by the National Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and ‘Ons Water’. The motivation is to make Dutch gardens more climate-resistant and to promote biodiversity together with the inhabitants. Anyone can take part by replacing tiles in their (façade) garden or neighborhood with green, natural components. The municipality that swaps the most tiles wins. Participants can enter their swapped tiles via the website nk-tegelwippen.nl, where the statistics are added to the tile counter in their municipality. Both the municipality, but also the participants themselves have a chance to win great prizes. Every month, an expert jury chooses the 'Tile-tipper of the month', who wins a garden package. All monthly winners have the chance to become the 'Publics tile tipper' who wins a garden voucher and award. The winning municipalities win a 'Golden Shovel' or 'Golden Tile'.