The Masterplan Parkbogen Ost is a 2017 urban regeneration strategy aiming to revitalise Leipzig, Germany’s eastern district in a stepwise implementation process. Amongst other aims, the Strategy plans to create a green corridor with bicycle lanes, pedestrian routes and outdoor spaces for recreation along an unused railway line. The Strategy also includes the creation of green parks, urban forests and community gardens and will foster sustainable mobility and increase the district’s connectivity to the rest of the city. The Masterplan was developed and is coordinated by the City of Leipzig in response to a citizen's initiative and proposal in 2012 to create the Parkbogen Ost along the former railway line. An implementation strategy forms part of the Strategy and includes three phases: i) the conceptual planning of the Masterplan includes setting a governance approach for the stakeholder engagement, public awareness campaign and financing of the strategy; ii) the operational phase is to monitor the implementation, and iii) the strategy must include a forward-looking element, outlining how the Parkbogen Ost can be maintained at an affordable cost after project funding ends. The Parkbogen Ost is also a measure of the integrated urban district development concept (INSEK) for east Leipzig.