The Guardians of the Hills instrument is an urban planning mechanism developed in coordination between the Municipal Government of Portoviejo and the voluntary inhabitants of the neighborhoods located in the hills. It consists of building a network of neighbors, strengthening its social fabric, which is responsible for reporting the interventions, usually informal or unregulated, which mean increasing the risk of landslides in the area. Through the alerts and reports made by the inhabitants, the Municipality of Portoviejo can carry out an immediate control action to prevent landslides and their consequences that may cause future disasters such as human and material losses. Among the main actions carried out by the guardians of the hills; Among the main actions carried out by the guardians of the hills are the reforestation of the hills, continuous maintenance of reforested sites, participation in mingas to implement mitigation works such as weeding, stabilization of slopes with tires and planting of endemic species, among others, The project seeks to prevent the development of interventions that increase the risk of landslides, the expansion of the urban sprawl in the hills, ecosystemic restoration of the area and the declaration of the La Tomatera hill as a Protection Zone, with the objective of preventing the urban sprawl from spreading in this area of high ecosystemic value.