The green spaces system is a multi-scale urban planning instrument of the "Plan Portoviejo 2035". This system aims to protect the natural heritage of the canton through the generation of new public spaces, creating a connection between the city and landscapes, natural resources, improving urban ecological functions, protecting the ecological, cultural and landscape values of the territory and recovering ecosystems degraded by the occupation of irregular human settlements. Its main relevance is to provide a social and environmental function that is complemented with eco-efficient designs with a SBN approach, helping to reduce climatic events and providing recreational areas for development and social cohesion. The "Las Vegas" and "La Rotonda" Parks are the main green areas that present relevant ecosystem services to the city that are part of the SBN strategies for the city. The urban design of the parks that make up the system of green spaces, present internal zoning that are attractive to the population and also serve as biological corridors, as an example of birds, iguanas, squirrels, among others. In addition, their urban benefit is measured through the Urban Green Index, which aims to reach 14 m2 of green areas per inhabitant.