Screenshot of Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan
The city of Barcelona in Spain released its Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan in 2013, aiming to enhance its urban green spaces network and increase resilience in light of future challenges like climate change. The plan covers the period from 2013 to 2020 and sets out to preserve and enhance the natural heritage of the city and prevent species and habitats from disappearing, while significantly increasing green infrastructure and ensuring its connectivity. A further objective is to ensure that nature in the city is not limited to isolated spots, but is rather joined to forge a network of green spaces ('green infrastructure') which serves environmental and social functions. The plan includes a comprehensive diagnosis of green infrastructure and biodiversity, which serve as a basis for its strategic actions. Over the years, the plan has been complemented by further dedicated instruments for sustainable urban planning such as the Barcelona Tree Master Plan 2017-37 to transform the strategy's overarching goals into concrete actions and the launch of a Stimulus Programme for the City’s Urban Green Infrastructure in 2017, shifting budget allocation towards capital investment. In 2020, the City of Barcelona published the Nature Plan up to 2030 which can be seen as successor to this Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan.