One of the Green Deals of the Flemish Government in Belgium focuses on Natural Gardens. With this Green Deal, the gardening sector explores how investments in natural gardens are beneficial for the professional (working in the garden sector), the garden owner and the environment as a way to increase biodiversity in Flemish gardens and strengthen (public) support. More specifically the goals of this Green Deal are (1) to increase naturalness in design and management of private gardens, (2) to increase the usage of indigenous plants for private gardens, (3) to increase the supply of ecological garden materials and solutions, (4) to build up knowledge about sustainable design and management of natural gardens, (5) to create a policy vision and policy instruments that support the development of natural gardens. This Green Deal is part of the larger effort of the Flemish Government to contribute to a green economy through the pursuit of environmental objectives in combination with good operational management of participating partners, and increased competitiveness. The Green Deal is not an obligation to produce results but an obligation to make effort; all parties who commit do so voluntarily and commit to do all within their means to realize its goal. Agreements under the Green Deal are usually 3 to 4 years and should pave the way for similar initiatives. The results and gained knowledge are publicly shared in reports.