"Directions of development and management of green areas in Krakow for 2019-2030" is a document indicating the directions of Krakow's (Poland) activities regarding green areas. Adopted by the Order of the Mayor of the City of Krakow, the document consists of a descriptive part and a spatial database (interactive maps). For each of the current and planned green areas mentioned in the document, there are designated actions to be taken so that greenery in Krakow develops, i.e. everyone has green recreational areas near their place of residence, developed in an attractive way, supporting Krakow's nature and respecting cultural heritage. The overarching goal of the document is to define a coherent, planned and long-term policy for the development of green spaces in Krakow. The document assumes the designation of a system of public green areas, which are open to users regardless of the state of ownership and possession or which are indicated in this document as an area to be made available to the public, including acquisition by the Municipality of Krakow, resulting from the need to obtain or maintain the continuity of the system or the lack of green areas in the area in question. The "Directions" are not a binding document, but rather a strategic guiding document.