The instrument is an urban planning mechanism developed in the Montes de Oca Regulatory Plan and is applied to commercial buildings. With this figure, the property makes available to pedestrians a part of its second floor, either in the front or an interior gallery. In this way, the urban space is favored, through the implementation of small squares, gardens, corridors, among others. In exchange, the municipality will allow the construction of an additional floor to the building. Although these spaces are not public, they will be available to people at least 12 hours a day, and it is recommended to leave them available 24 hours a day. These spaces are conducive to creating new green areas or improving existing ones and making them available to people, along with urban furniture, in such a way as to provide different ecosystem services such as support services, serving as habitat for species. They can also focus on providing regulating services such as pollination, regulation of local climate and air quality, and can provide cultural services such as tourism, aesthetic appreciation and recreation, as well as supporting physical and mental health.