The Rotterdam Urban Traffic Plan 2017 - 2030+ is a strategic planning document of the Municipality of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The Plan provides guidance on the long-term development of Rotterdam's urban mobility until 2030 and beyond to make Rotterdam a “smart, accessible, healthy, economically strong, and attractive city”. Three interconnected challenges were the starting point for the Plan: (1) Rotterdam's growth and urban densification, (1) the envisaged economic innovation in the city and the accompanying energy transition as well as (3) the urban mobility transition, from less car traffic to an increase in cycling and public transport use. While the instrument itself is not focusing on NBS explicitly, an increase of interconnected green areas is foreseen to achieve the overall goal of the plan. As such, the Plan aims to address ecological, social and economic targets, and pursues a holistic development of urban mobility that builds on green infrastructure as much as possible. The plan is the result of a comprehensive stakeholder consultation process which has helped to ensure a wide acceptance of its implementation.