This training course for municipal policymakers in the Île-de-France region (France) focuses on restoring and valuing nature in the city. It has been delivered in the Île-de-France Regional Biodiversity Agency (agences régionales de la biodiversité, ARB) in 2019. The course offers an overview of the options available nature-based urban design, presenting approaches and initiatives for planning, project management and financing. The aim is to effectively deploy concrete actions in favor of urban nature. The course also allows urban policymakers to acquire a global and synthetic understanding of the challenges of restoring or enhancing nature in the city and to identify good practices for developing initiatives at different scales. At the end of the course, participants are to have the skills and knowledge to implement an ambitious action plan for nature in the city, master the concepts and major associated issues, and have arguments to raise awareness, inform and convince their constituents. The course lasts one day (8 hours) and has been proposed once in 2019. The training can be covered by municipal budget or under the individual rights to training as an elected municipal representative. The price of the training can be adjusted according to the local authority. Local authorities with more than 50,000 inhabitants pay €690 EUR, local authorities between 50,000 and 10,000 inhabitants pay €490 EUR and local authorities with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants pay €290 EUR (2019 fees). The training was stopped it in 2020 because of Covid but also because trainings reserved for elected officials only were suspended. There were about ten elected officials registered for this training. There was no coordination with the other ARBs. Institut Paris Region and ARB are considering re-launching elected officials training courses, including this one, in 2023. In previous years, one or two elected officials have attended the Institute's training courses (1) "Planning, building and renovating to promote biodiversity" and (2) "Implementing ecological management of urban nature areas" which are open to professionals. The programs can be consulted via the link : (1) ; (2)