On September 2021, the mayor and the District Planning Secretary presented the proposal for the Territorial Ordering Plan (POT ) 2022-2035. The plan incorporates four pillars, including sustainable mobility, greening and a care system for women and sustainable economic economy. The plan has as a main vision the recognition of the importance of the conservation and restoration of the natural elements of Bogotá as a key actions to address challenges related to climate change. Activities targeting the greening of the city focus on conserving intact ecosystems (also identified as the Principal Ecological Structure / EEP), strengthening the ecological connectivity, restoring natural and urban green areas, and implementing Nature Based Solutions (NBS). The focus on NBS aims to support the mitigation of climate related risks and to improve the provision of multiple ecosystem services, such as water quality. The plan was formulated based on an extensive participatory outreach: over 9,000 activities led to over 35,000 contributions.