Green roof
Since 2019, citizens of Eindhoven in the Netherlands can apply for a subsidy when they take sustainable measures for rainwater use and storage on their private land. Eligible measures include, for example: making a green roof; uncoupling the rainwater drainage and rerouting water to be stored; reducing paved surface areas and greening gardens. The subsidy can be for single or combined measures. The subsidy was financed by the city of Eindhoven since 2019 from the tax of sewer and water management, and is 50% co-financed by the waterboard the Dommel since 2021 – meaning that the municipality and private landowners no longer incur all costs for related measures. Through the subsidy, the City of Eindhoven is able to achieve two goals: (1) to retain and process rainwater in the exact location where it hits the ground and slow down/reduce drainage to rivers or to the wastewater plant; and (2) to make the city more resilient to climate change and grow towards a more livable city. The measures contribute not only to water management (e.g. reducing pressure on the sewage system), but also help combat heat stress, improve air quality and benefit biodiversity.