Launched in 2017, the "Strasbourg grows" programme ("Strasbourg ça pousse") supports residents in urban greening and farming projects in public spaces in Strasbourg, France. The community-based agreement is supported by one main tool: the website The website serves as a single portal for citizen greening and is the tool with which residents can apply to the programme with their project proposals. Residents can propose their urban greening and farming project within six categories: climbing plants on facades, gardening at the base of a tree, demineralising a sidewalk, family gardens, communal gardens, or urban community gardens. The projects are validated by a committee composed of relevant departments and chaired by the nature in the city councilor. A response is provided within three months. Once the project is approved, depending on type of project, residents must comply with the Zero Pesticide and Local Planting approaches by signing the Charter of the urban gardener, the Charter for vines/creepers, the Regulation for traditional gardens, the Regulation for semi-developed allotment gardens, the communal gardens Convention, the Regulation for urban community gardens, and/or the Charter for the consideration of chiropterans & breeding birds. The website also provides interested citizens with a map showing the nature areas in the city, displayed according to type (tree roots, pavements, facades, family gardens, shared gardens, free picking, etc.).