Río Congost en la zona del Lledoner
The River Stewardship Agreement is a regional cooperation agreement that formalizes the collaboration between the Catalan Water Agency and the municipalities of Canovellas, Las Franquesas del Vallés and Granollers, with the aim of guaranteeing the protection and development of the aquatic ecosystem of the Congost River as it flows through the three municipalities. The agreement was formalized in a public act of the 3 mayors and representatives of the Catalan Water Agency. The Monitoring Commission meets periodically to draw up an annual monitoring report and a report on the work to be carried out during the following annual cycle. The action program of the agreement includes nature-based solutions such as the recovery of a naturalized river landscape, riparian forest management to reduce flood risks, planting of riparian species and the development of active policies for the management and governance of river uses.