The Revival Partnership Plan of Don river is a community-based agreement in Doncaster, United Kingdom that aims to maximize the natural value of the surrounding environment of the Don River. The community-agreement is a committed partnership delivering improvements for wildlife and people in the Don River catchment. The plan arose out of consultations that were conducted as a society-led initiative between various community organizations and local authorities (e.g., National Working Group of Catchment-based Approach, Doncaster Council, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, etc.) to tackle Don's river restoration efforts. The final agreement aims to improve physical access to green space, develop nature tourism, empower communities to use local natural resources, create and restore high-quality habitats, and improve ecological and fishery status. The agreement is part of the national catchment-based approach, an inclusive, civil society-led initiative that works in partnership with government, local authorities, water companies, and businesses to maximize the natural value of the surrounding environment. The agreement provides an illustrative framework to support the delivery of critical local and national key strategies due to its integrated and joined-up approaches to safeguard ecosystem services and restore degraded ecosystems (e.g. Don Catchment Flood Management Plan, Doncaster Green Infrastructure Strategy, etc.). In addition, the Don Catchment Rivers Trust was established as a charitable trust to coordinate the joint actions on the catchment. The community-based agreement in Doncaster covered the catchment boundaries of the Don, Dearne, and Rother rivers, which was identified as a pilot area to develop the national partnership-driven catchment action plan.