The Krakow rainwater and snowmelt microretention program in Poland, which has been running since 2014, aims to promote rainwater retention and use in the city. Grants are provided for investments involving the construction of facilities to retain and use rainwater within the city. Various solutions are introduced such as underground tanks for rainwater and snowmelt, above-ground tanks for rainwater collected from the roof together with an installation for connecting to the gutter, rain gardens, absorption troughs or ponds. The subsidy also covers the implementation of a landscape irrigation system and a drainage system. The amount of the grant depends on the type of investment and can be up to 80% of the incurred costs. Grants are provided by the City of Kraków. The subsidy may be applied for by individual inhabitants, housing communities, legal persons, entrepreneurs and units of the public finance sector that are municipal or district legal persons. The action is in line with the Strategy of the City of Krakow until 2030 - objective 4.3 Sustainable environment.